Certain devices go unnoticed and we assume their usefulness in our everyday lives. The vacuum cleaner is certainly one of them. While you might work day in and day out in a land of opportunities and wealth called Bahrain, you might want to come back to a sparkling clean house. To ensure the same, a vacuum cleaner can save your time, effort, and energy.

Did you know that there are different kinds of vacuum cleaners available in the market for specific types of cleaning? But how do you choose the best vacuum cleaner? Well, here’s a brief guide on different types of vacuum cleaners in Bahrain. This list can be handy if you are planning to buy one.

1. Handheld vacuum cleaners: You might have noticed that generally, it is the handheld vacuum cleaner people use. These come in handy sizes to clean the dirt off any kind of fabric, cars, difficult-to-reach places, etc. One needs to use it while taking its suction tube anywhere and everywhere. It’s a small and convenient kind of vacuum cleaner that is less noisy. So, if you are a novice in cleaning, or live in a small house, a handheld vacuum cleaner is the right choice.

2. Stick vacuum cleaner: Normally, one would identify a vacuum cleaner to have a belly-like structure to generate a vacuum and carry other machinery. When you replace the belly portion with a stick and a flat tray at the bottom, which is called a stick vacuum cleaner. It is best to clean surface litter on hard floors. Although it can take place behind the doors or beside the almirah, it is noisier than the previous one. They come in a cordless format too.

3. Robot vacuum cleaner: If there’s a machine, there can be a robot. No machine space can be left without a robot. A robot vacuum cleaner, as the name suggests needs the least human intervention. It is that circular and flat vacuum cleaner that is gaining popularity. Different brands are experimenting in this space in different capacities. It can be best used for cleaning hard-to-reach surfaces wherein this robot can reach and come out with all the dirt.

4. Canister vacuum cleaner: This kind is a combination of stick and handheld vacuum cleaners. While there is a belly kind of machine, a stick with a brush at its end can help with dust and dirt. It is robust, a bit tough to move, and requires a dedicated cabinet to store. It is a great cleaning machine for carpet-based houses.

5. Wet and dry vacuum cleaner: This one is a blessing in a house with kids. It separates wet and dry dirt in its two columns. It is the wholesome vacuum cleaner you would ever need to clean your house from dry and wet dirt. With a medium noise level, it is comparatively large to clean and carry the solid and liquid dirt.

It all narrows down to your use and kind of accommodation. There can be other factors as well to help you choose the right vacuum cleaner. Bahrain Gas supplies high-quality vacuum cleaners in Bahrain. Consult us, today!