The harsh Bahrain summer is fast approaching and it’s time to think of the best ways to remain cool. What could be better than an icy cold milkshake or a scoop of your favorite ice cream to beat the summer woes? The perfect temperature for your favorite cold dessert is possible only with the right type of refrigeration. Browse through to find out more about the types of refrigerators for sale.

Types of Refrigerators for Sale in Bahrain

Single Door Freezer

As the name suggests, single door freezers are operated with a single door. These refrigerators are compact and fit ideally in smaller configurations and constrained spaces. Bachelors and small families find this refrigerator convenient. The size of the refrigerator is smaller than a double door refrigerator.

The energy consumed by single door freezers is much less when compared to double door refrigerators. Therefore, it is safe to say that these refrigerators are pocket-friendly and affordable.

Although many single door freezers are not frost-free, latest technology has made ‘no-frost’ possible. This allows you to avoid manually cleaning the ice whenever it forms. The new models of these freezers are all frost free and convenient.

If your food storage needs are not very high, a single door freezer may be the best choice for you.

Double Door Refrigerators

When it comes to choosing refrigerators on sale, you might want to ascertain the space in hand. Double door refrigerators are larger than single door refrigerators and have a bigger capacity. They are designed with two doors that open separately when operated. These refrigerators have more number of shelves and can store more than smaller refrigerators. Energy consumption of double door refrigerators is higher than single door freezers. The size and capacity of these refrigerators have a direct impact on energy consumption.

Amongst the double door refrigerators, you will come across two types.

• Top mounted freezer compartment
• Bottom mounted freezer compartment

The difference between the two lies more with your preference. Do you have less use for the freezer? Do you have back problems that may affect you every time you bend to open the freezer? These are some pointers to ponder when you consider investing in a top or bottom mounted freezer compartment.

The Liebherr freezer is one of the top brands of freezers that offer a range of advantages to its consumers. This brand of freezers comes in various styles and designs, offering customers multiple options. The Liebherr freezer brand is sleek and durable and is one of the most preferred choices. These freezers offer high storage capacity with sturdy and easy to clean shelves and compartments.


Today, refrigerators have become more of a necessity than a luxury. Therefore, it is important to choose the right refrigerator on sale before you invest in it. Bahrain Gas is regarded as one of the best dealers in refrigerators and other kitchen equipment in Bahrain. The company offers its customers a wide range of choices like Liebherr freezers and other brands of refrigerators. With consumer satisfaction as one of its top priorities, Bahrain Gas has remained the preferred choice amongst consumers.