Do you know your LPG well? If you say yes, do you know the different sizes available? Do you know all the safety measures? You might wonder why we asked you for “all” precautions. It is better to avoid anything detrimental before anything.

Bahrain Gas is a safe oil and gas company ruling the Kingdom of Bahrain

We ensure quality, safe gas installations for
• Domestic houses
• Restaurants
• Multi-story buildings
• Industrial kitchens

Our Tank supplies & installation include from 500 gallons to 4000 gallons of gas! Yes, you heard it right! No wonder we are the leading distributor of safe gas in the Kingdom of Bahrain. That too, with a fleet size bigger than twice our competitors! It enables us to undertake pipeline systems for any domestic and industrial gas. Now let us open your eyes to your LPG in the kitchen! For those who didn’t know your Loud Penetrating gas, we mean Liquefied Petroleum Gas! That’s the correct, complete form of LPG! It comes in different sizes, and each caters to different needs. Standard sizes include; 11kg, 22kg, and 44kg cylinders. Then next is choosing a good gas cylinder distributor like us. You can do your research on us or visit our website right away. We are transparent in all manners. If you have finished checking us, let’s get to the main focus: Your safety! For that, you need to:

Say no to damage!

Ensure the cylinder is in good shape and free of any damage or wear and tear. Give the distributor or station attendant the empty cylinder so they can replenish it. Before accepting the cylinder, ensure it is filled and inspect the seal and safety cap. Pay attention to the weight stamped on the cylinder to ensure you get the right amount of LPG.

Lessen problems of LPG gas!

Use LPG gas cylinders in adequately ventilated spaces to avoid gas buildup and reduce the possibility of leakage.

Cylinder Handling: LPG cylinders should always be handled carefully. Avoid dropping or mishandling them since this could harm them and jeopardize their safety.

Storage: Keep LPG gas cylinders upright and in well-ventilated spaces away from heat sources, sunshine, and explosive objects.

Leak Detection: Conduct routine leak inspections using a soapy water solution. When pressure is applied to the cylinder or connections, bubbles will occur, indicating a leak. Contact your gas supplier right away if such a situation arises.

Remember to keep fire extinguishers near where LPG cylinders are utilized or stored out of the way but within easy reach. Instruct family members or coworkers on fire safety techniques in an emergency.

We have more tips! All of these can’t be covered in one blog! Bahrain Gas wishes to keep its reputation of specializing in modern household appliances and offers over 50 international brands and 1,000+ items. If you are looking for more tips, you can check our website or give us a call & we will answer all your queries!

Whether you are from the brewing, food processing, chemical, pharmaceutical, or construction industry, this blog will help you get rid of the cold feet you have regarding refrigerants. This blog will also answer questions such as, what role does perfect temperature control play in the production process. Are the demands for heat load subject to significant variation? And is the cooling’s primary source distinct from harsh environments? First, let’s have a look at the two types of refrigerant gases which include natural and artificial. Take a look at this short overview.

Natural refrigerants

Common natural refrigerant:
Ammonia: Highly toxic and corrosive, cools large cold rooms, goes below -70 C through absorption or compression.

Popular natural refrigerants:

Carbon dioxide: Thermodynamic properties, zero ozone depletion & zero global warming effect.

Others: sulfur dioxide (SO2), and propane gas

Sulfur dioxide: Less toxic than ammonia requires robustness
Propane: Low priced, obtained via petrol and thermodynamic

The other type is synthetic refrigerants. These are replaced by the modern HFC (hydro fluorocarbon) gases. HFC refrigerant gases are classified as the third generation of fluorinated refrigerant gases. They were specifically formulated as a definitive and environmentally friendly alternative to CFC and HCFC, as they possess a zero ozone depletion potential.

Types of refrigerant gases at Bahrain gas


● Colorless in normal temperature
● Transparent and colorless liquid with its own pressure
R410A mainly used for air conditioners and non-centrifugal refrigerating systems


R134a is an HFC gas with zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) and a GWP of 1430. It is also an international main refrigerant substance.
Its features include:
● Zero chlorine, zero effect on ozone, nonflammable, non-explosive, noncorrosive
● colorless in normal temperature
● Transparent and colorless liquid with its own pressure
● Generation of heat-protective rigid plastics, blend refrigerant
● Replaceable by (R-513A) or a difluoroethane-based refrigerant gas (R-152a) based on hydro-fluoro olefins


HCFCs are hydro chlorofluorocarbons, and contain less chlorine than CFCs and lower ozone depletion potential (ODP). Examples: HCFCs include R22, R123, and R124.

Bahrain Gas has different refrigerant used machines

Slush Machine

Slush Machine has ⅔ bowls.
● Each is 12 liters
● S/steel base and removable polycarbonate bowl,
● It circulates via a magnetic pump,
● R134a refrigerant, the engine that is hermetically sealed. Italy is a “brass” country. 220V/50Hz/1PH – 350W.

Juice dispenser

Juice dispenser has the capacity to hold either 1,2, or 3 bowls
• Each is 12 liters
• S/steel base and removable polycarbonate bowl,
• With the help of a magnetic pump,
• R134a refrigerant, the engine that is hermetically sealed. 220V/50Hz/1PH – 350W.

Below-ground ice machine

● It is an under-counter Machine for Making Ice Cubes, Prod. It is Made of a S/steel 18/8 Scotch bright finish, it has a Cap.24-150Kg/Day range.
● Refrigerant R404A is used in the air cooling system. Italy made it. Used electricity.

Why should you choose Bahrain Gas?

● Leading Bahrain when it comes to providing households, restaurants, and commercial buildings with safe gas cylinders in a timely manner.
● With a fleet size twice as large as its rivals, Bahrain’s leading distributor of safe petrol.
● Proven track record of delivering higher on-time deliveries than any other company in Bahrain.
● Modern Household appliances.
● 50 international brands and 1000-plus products.
● Smart buy options and complete product lifecycle through our advisory and post-sales support.
● Catering/Foodservice Equipment.
● 50-plus years of experience.
● 500+projects.
● Foodservice, laundry, and beverage solutions.
● Professional refrigeration equipment.
● All types of laundry.

We hope you had a fair knowledge of what you looking for. If you have any queries, feel free to call Bahrain Gas!

In any modern-day household, a refrigerator is a primary piece of equipment that is a must. It keeps food fresh for a long time whether it is fruits and vegetables or packaged food. Although a double-door refrigerator is quite popular, single door refrigerators have their own set of advantages as well. How do make the right choice and which makes sense for your requirements? With years of experience in dealing with home appliances, we at Bahrain Gas have just the right information and tips.

Here’s a quick guide for you to know.

1. Basic requirement: You won’t expend on a fancy refrigerator for your guest house or getaway home. Similarly, you won’t own a mini one to cover your basic necessities. Understand the family size and basic requirements. A family of 2-3 members should look for energy-efficient single door refrigerators. While a big family should undoubtedly look for frost free double door refrigerators.

2. Pricing: A single door refrigerator is less costly than a double-door refrigerator. Owing to cooling technology, power consumption, and space, the pricing of a double door refrigerator is costly. The energy consumption and pricing are costlier than a single one.

3. Space: Single door refrigerators require less space and can conveniently fit in your kitchen itself. Double door refrigerators are spacious offering more space to store your food. They have designated cabins to store your food items covering most facets of a modern lifestyle.

4. Temperature: Owing to single door freezer and non-freezer a single door refrigerator is likely to have more temperature. Similarly, the double door refrigerator will have a convenient temperature in both sections offering better cooling.

5. Energy consumption: Double door ones are usually large and add an element of grandeur to your kitchen. They also rise high in terms of energy consumption. They consume over 30-40% more power than single door refrigerators. So you need to consider the electricity bill as a factor as well.

6. Cooling: Undoubtedly modern-day double-door freezers offer superior cooling. Brands like Liebherr manufacture their refrigeration equipment keeping in mind customer requirements. Liebherr freezers offer better cooling than any single-door refrigerator.

7. Separate doors: With a single-door refrigerator, you are more likely to open it multiple times more than with a double-door. The separate doors aid in better cooling and even keeping your food items, especially the frozen ones in a good condition for a long time.

Every modern-day piece of equipment offers a lot of choices and points to compare. Being a technical product and one that will last for an average of 10+ years, you are in a position to make the best choice only. However, the usage, time period, and repair can also lead to a dying refrigerator. It is a condition that is hard to imagine for any household. One must look for these symptoms to check the repair personnel.

1. If food is rotting quickly.
2. If the refrigerator is making no or too much noise.
3. If the frosting is not happening rightly.
4. If you spot your refrigeration leaking or sweating.
5. If your refrigerator is stinking.

Knowing the basics can always help you make better decisions. It is crucial to understand and forecast your requirements as well. Choose high-quality home appliances from Bahrain Gas. Consult our experts, today!

Oil and gas companies in Bahrain are aware of the fact that regular maintenance can prevent a lot of accidents. Whether it is a plant or residential system that includes the LPG system in Bahrain, you need to be aware of regular checkups. Normally it is misunderstood as an expensive one, but an appliance check and inspection requires less than 100 USD. It is crucial that regular maintenance of LPG systems happen. To briefly cover that includes best gas maintenance, we have a list of curated things.

1. Basic operational checks: The operator needs to comply with industry standards for an efficient operation. It is advisable to keep previous reports handy to understand any differences. In a system that involves gas and oil, it is crucial to examine the basic working conditions. The pressure, temperature and water level, regulators and electrical connections need to be in the right order to ensure no hazard in the future. The level controls are important as well besides checking these parameters.

2. Appliances maintenance: Majorly it involves the checking and inspection of different components like vents, ducts, hoists, etc. Cables and pipes need due care for repair and reinstallation. One needs to check for any dust or leaks from cylinders and piping. Overall in this category of maintenance, even a slight leakage can cause harm. It is advisable to regularly inspect the appliances for their performance and ones that need repair or renewal.

3. Cleaning: To ensure a smooth flow of gas and oil, the pathways need to be absolutely free of obstacles. Over the course of operation, there is a possibility of unrequired dirt. Often they might be unclean due to dust, dirt or grease. The vents and ducts need proper cleaning after a regular period of time. Cleaning can help unclog any pathways and enhance the optimal functioning of the system.

4. Leakage or damage: These are two important aspects of inspection and maintenance procedures. Both can have serious repercussions if not controlled timely. The inspector needs to put a check on the leakage and its severity. The pipes could be corroded over time and their replacement needs to be alerted beforehand. One must use the right procedure and an approved system to check for leaks or damage to cylinders or pipes.

Any work involving oil and gas needs extra care than ever owing to its effects. There are certain standard rules and procedures for the same. Keep the right kind of fire extinguisher handy to avert any troubles.

At Bahrain Gas, we provide the best gas maintenance. Our skilled professionals ensure that they inspect using the right technology and parameters thoroughly. Over the years of experience, we take pride in dealing with the equipment carefully and providing maintenance services useful for our clients. West Asia is already blessed with a dozen oil refineries and we aim to maintain and repair LPG gas Bahrain. Schedule a call today!