Finding the most economical laundry equipment for your new laundry business has never been easier with the best professional laundry equipment made in Italy. With many options to choose from, there is high capacity and professional laundry equipment available to set up and run your business successfully. Discover more information and buy them from Bahrain Gas.

1) Washer extractor:
This professional washing machine will automatically get filled with water, clean the fabrics with care, and then extract the water from the washed fabrics, usually by spinning them in a drum. Useful to thoroughly wash large loads of laundry ranging from 9 kg to 120 kg, these washer extractors are ideal for cleanrooms, hotels, and other places where a huge load of laundry is cleaned at once. Industrial washer extractors from Italian companies like Electrolux and Renzacci are designed to have extractors use steam or electric to dry fabrics faster. Find top quality commercial washer dryers in Bahrain for sale at Bahrain Gas here.

2) Tumble dryer:
A tumble dryer uses air at room temperature to fluff up the garments, remove dust and lint out of the garments to produce clean and amazing laundry ready to use. The clean and dried fabrics with a tumble dryer are often softer than air dried ones and they are highly recommended for drying all kinds of fabrics making them ready to use right away, saving drying time and cost. Effectively remove moisture from your fabrics like a load of clothing, bedding and other textiles with a tumble dryer. Commercial dryer machines manufactured by Electrolux or Renzacci come in steam or electric versions. Click here to enquire for tumble dryers at Bahrain Gas.

3) Dry cleaning machine:
Remove stubborn soils and stains from fabrics easily using solvents in the process of dry cleaning. It helps dissolve grease and oils effectively from natural fibers like wools and silks keeping them fresh and clean without shrinking, losing colors or getting distorted. Overall a dry cleaning machine improves the longevity of your fabrics making them last longer while maintaining their original appearance. Dirty pieces of clothing get restored after dry cleaning them, improving their appearance and extending their lifespan. Find hydrocarbon and multi solvent commercial dry cleaning machines by Renzacci and Electrolux in Bahrain for sale at Bahrain Gas here.

Investing into the right appliances can make or break your new laundry business set up. Find the right washer extractors, washing machine in Bahrain and washer dryers in Bahrain for getting a thorough cleaning. Buy dry cleaning machines for spot cleaning as they help you minimize maintenance costs as well as bring down the cost per load. Settle for the best of the best laundry equipment in Bahrain available at Bahrain Gas. Enquire today!