Are you looking to open a juice shop in Bahrain but don’t know where to start? Well, here is a complete guide on the juice shop equipment that you will need to start and run a successful juice shop in Bahrain.

Before you start a juice shop, it is essential to plan every step of the way. With cut-throat competition around, it is important to find ways to stay ahead. Now, you ask- how can you beat the competition?

Well, one of the most vital practices is to invest in the best and the most sophisticated juice shop equipment.

Planning your juice shop equipment list

Every great business starts with a simple but vital list. Your juice shop is not any different. Prepare your juice shop equipment list to kick-start your new venture. Your list can include items that are as simple as a juice blender to more complex juice shop appliances like a slush machine. Make sure that you do not miss out on any of the required equipment.

Bahrain Gas is a market leader when it comes to juice and coffee shop equipment in Bahrain. Our expertise and knowledge in the field of essential appliances make us one of the most preferred stores in Bahrain. Take a peek into the essential juice shop appliances required to start your successful juice bar in Bahrain. Gain insights from experts at Bahrain Gas.

Centrifugal juice extractor

Invest in a top-brand centrifugal juice extractor to extract the juices from vegetables and fruits. The centrifugal juice extractor is popular because of its fast-spinning blades and smooth process. This juice extractor separates the pulp from the juice through the centrifugal force that is generated in the process. The juice is then filtered out through the spout.

Citrus Juicer

A citrus juicer is popular for the extraction of juices from citrus fruits like lemons, oranges, and sweet limes. This citrus juice machine offers you the advantage of extracting the juices without manually squeezing the fruits for the juice. It is time-saving equipment that allows you to provide instant citrus juices for customers.

Juice blender

One of the most essential juice shop equipment is the most preferred juice blender. The juice blender blends the pulp, skin, and mesocarp of the fruits to provide nutritious and fresh fruit juices without the fiber.

The main difference between a normal blender and an exclusive juice blender from Bahrain Gas is that blenders will give you fibrous juices that may not exactly be what the customer wants. On the other hand, juice blenders separate the pulp and skin from the juice providing you with a smooth juice without any fiber.

Orange juice machine

What could be more quenching than a glass of fresh orange juice on a hot day in Bahrain? Never miss out on the essential orange juice machine for your successful juice shop in Bahrain.

The orange juice machine effortlessly extracts the juice from the fruit without having to peel the oranges. Not only will you provide hygienically extracted orange juice but you will also save time by providing your customers with instant orange juice.

Drink Mixer (single & double spindle)

Your juice shop is incomplete without the drink mixer. Whether it’s a fruit punch or a fresh fruit milkshake, create specially crafted mixed drinks with the drink mixer (single & double spindle) machine. This machine comes with a timer that automatically stops the machine, allowing you to attend to other tasks in your juice bar.

Slush machine

Another must-have appliance for a successful juice shop in Bahrain is the popular slush machine. Create icy cold slushes with flavor, water, coloring, and sugar and attract customers on a hot day.

Juice dispenser

It is always a good idea to invest in a juice dispenser in your juice bar. A juice dispenser can store fresh fruit juices or cold milkshakes. You can improve your turnover by storing fast-moving juices ahead of time.


Bahrain Gas is your one-stop shop for essential juice machines in Bahrain. Find the best juice bar appliances required to run a successful juice shop.

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