Sometimes owning & operating a large hotel or undertaking large orders can be cumbersome. That is because, you have to provide quality food, in a quick time, with less manpower. It is just not possible to prepare large quantities of rice or meals for thousands of customers.

This is something that many large hotel chains have faced in the past and are using food preparation machines to help them out. They haven’t looked back since. We at Bahrain Gas strive to provide our clients with the best food preparation machine in the world.

Not to mention, we offer you a barrage of machines that can ease your food preparation capabilities. This is to help them meet their catering requirements, and provide, healthy, quality food for their customers.

How can a food preparation machine help your hotel?

In any hotel, the kitchen is not a fun place to be. The heat, the tension, and innumerable pressure to meet the client’s demands can be terrifying. Besides, the kitchen often comes under immense pressure to prepare food quickly in succession.

The best way to get things done to meet tight deadlines would be to use the right kind of catering machine. Moreover, offering guests & visitors delicious meals can massively improve your establishment’s reputation.

Not to mention, the hotels may be required to serve food to hostels & educational institutions. This is when operating with the right food preparation machine can improve the functional capabilities for providing delicious food, under a deadline.

● Improves productivity in hotel kitchens.

The first thing a food preparation machine can help a hotel kitchen is that it improves on efficiency. Your kitchen can produce many items in less time. Did you know that induction hobs can increase the speed of your cooking?
That is because they become hotter compared to other ovens and pans. You can now prepare items like drinks, soups, and sauces immediately. Using the best vegetable preparation machine improves accuracy & speed to serve visitors quickly as possible.

● It helps in saving energy.

The food preparation machine helps your kitchen to save energy. This is especially for those of you who are worried about the energy bills. As you know, these days, business establishments are monitored for their environmental damage.

A good example would be a potato peeling machine that can easily peel hundreds of potatoes in one hour. Besides, it reduces waste of the material and manual labor. You may want to know that the features can keep your kitchen from contamination as well.

We at Bahrain Gas, ensure that the food preparation machines are produced from stainless steel. That is because it is resistant to rust & corrosion, comes with a durable metal that can withstand regular usage, and does not affect the flavor of the food.

When you equip your kitchen with equipment that can be easily cleaned, it ensures that your guests have a safe and healthy experience. Apart from a wide range of food preparation machines, we also provide vegetable cutter mixers.

Why not give us a call today and find out how we can serve you with a wide assortment of products & services? We can assure you that, you won’t be left disappointed with our capabilities.

A professional juice shop in a restaurant in Bahrain needs different types of tools and food service equipment for restaurants. Different processes of juice pressing and presentation needs a wide array of tools that help you uplift your business and make it super-efficient during the peak hours. For instance, there are several catering equipment for restaurants for various processes available in Bahrain at the best prices on bulk purchases. One such company who has been dealing in these equipment since 1962 is Bahrain Gas. Get everything you need for a successful food and beverage venture at Bahrain Gas. Let us dive into details of juice shop tools and equipment you need for your business.

1) Extraction
A centrifugal juice extractor has a very fine sieve to produce high quality juice. Some popular brands like Santos and Waring have juice extractors and juice blenders for restaurants in Bahrain suitable for making juice in front of the customer. Enquire here at Bahrain Gas.

2) Blending
Get a top notch Hamilton Beach or Waring juice blender here at Bahrain Gas. This juice blender automatically stops when the juice meets the desired perfect consistency. This helps you create quality juices in minutes. With a 2 liter capacity, it is sufficient for serving fresh juice to your customers.

3) Juice Pressing
Find top quality citrus juice press from Santos and Waring here at Bahrain Gas. This super-efficient citrus press helps you extract maximum juice from your citrus fruits.

4) Mixing
Slush machine is a great way to make your iced beverages like slushes. This is a combination of mixing pulverized ice with desired beverages and the dispensing feature is useful for getting the desired portion out of the machine. High capacity slush machines create iced drinks within minutes. Get your slush machine from Promek or SPM at Bahrain Gas here.

A drink mixer is a useful device to mix carbonated drinks together without compromising the fizz. CO2 mixing machines range from single spindle, double or triple spindle from the brands like Warring or Santos. Making milkshakes and thick shakes is easy with this type of machine. Order here at Bahrain Gas.

5) Chilling
A lot of drinks require you to add ice cream. This is why this ice cream making machine does it all without making you wait for several hours. Order here from Bahrain Gas. Find top quality ice cream machines from Carpegiani, Electro Breeze, Mastro and SPM at Bahrain Gas.

6) Dispensing
A see through Juice dispenser in the display is a great way to boost sales. The pleasant aesthetic look as well as the organized chilling keeps your fruit juice fresh for hours. It can store high capacity juice upto 12 litres and is available in stainless steel from brands like SPM and Cofrimell. Order here at Bahrain Gas.

7) Vending
Automatic orange juice machine that dispenses fresh juice from the fruit as and when needed is truly world class. Get it here at Bahrain Gas. Get fresh orange juice with no hassle at the click of a button with this vending machine. It can take 40 to 50 oranges and produce their juice in one minute.

The processes involved in a juice business are extraction, blending, juice pressing, mixing, chilling, dispensing and vending. Different types of juice extractor, juice blender for restaurants in Bahrain are available for sale at attractive prices at Bahrain Gas. Get in touch with them for upgrading and expanding your food and beverage business with the right juice shop tools and catering equipment for your restaurant business.

When advancing culinary expertise across Bahrain, an F&B venue or a commercial kitchen needs superior quality catering equipment and food service equipment. Restaurants offering fine dining, casual dining, fast food, cruise line, food hall, food trucks, coffee shops, bakeries, breakfast shops, pizzeria, juice presseries or hotels offering food require high end kitchen equipment to cook on a large scale and cater to the rising demands and expectations from their customers.

Electrical machines and electrical appliances are at the core of luxury kitchens serving multi cuisine food being used by popular chefs from all over the world. To grow your profitability as a business in the food industry in Bahrain, upgrading your kitchen catering equipment becomes essential. These allow precise heat control, accurate measuring, correct portion sizing, alluring presentation and helps chefs focus on the quality of the food they serve. Some of these kitchen equipment are as below –

1) Cooking Equipment:
The cooking range with the oven can be 4 burner or 6 burner or it can also use hot plates. They are either gas or electric operated. Popular brands include Zanussi, Electrolux, Mastro, Southbend, Berjaya, MKN, Vulcan and more. Griddle plate for steaks, chapati, dosas and parathas, salamander, deep fryer, griller, Chinese wok range, stock pot burner, pasta cooker, different types of ovens, bratt pan, boiling pan, heating lamp, induction top and more equipment can be found at Bahrain Gas.

2) Preparation equipment:
For top quality results, what every sous chef needs is precision and preparation equipment to make it possible. Vegetable preparation machines, food processors, vegetable cutter mixers, potato peelers, bone saw machines, meat mincer, meat slicer, sous vide machine, vacuum sealer, platform scale , bench scale and more provide your chefs and sous chefs with infinite power.

3) Refrigeration equipment:
Preserve the quality of your ingredients with a variety of refrigeration equipment for your pantry. These include single door, double door upright refrigerators, undercounter freezers, fish file refrigerators, saladette counters, blast chillers, chest freezers, ice cube maker, ice flake maker, ice crusher, ice machine and more.

4) Storage Equipment:
Heated cabinets with sliding doors, shelving 4 tier made in stainless steel, chrome finish, wire mesh shelving and more, dunnage racks, flour and ingredient bins are the foundational storage equipment for every restaurant. Commercial grade shelving solutions are available with Bahrain Gas. Connect to know more.

5) Dishwashing Equipment:
The right type of dishwasher seamlessly fits your kitchen space. Kitchen outfitting involves choosing the right type of dishwasher for optimum utility, budget as well as space management. These can be a hood type dishwasher, undercounter dishwasher and glasswasher or a rack type dishwasher. A rack type dishwasher is best suited for large scale dishwashing with a significant water saving and reduced energy consumption.

6) Walk in Cold Rooms for Preservation:
Discover the ultimate chillers for keeping your supplies and ingredients in a precise temperature controlled environment. With quality compressors and evaporation units, these sturdy and efficient walk-in cold rooms serve restaurants to store food items but also hospitals to preserve vaccines.

7) Servery and Display Equipment:
Precise temperature control for serving a variety of dishes is a matter of functionality as well as maintaining pleasant aesthetics. For instance, the servery and display equipment for large scale food displays like banquet events, buffets, bakeries and more not only makes food look its best, but preserves it at a temperature just right for the best food experience. Hot and cold Bain Marie, heated and Ambient Plate Lowerators, soup well, tray and cutlery dispenser, cake display counter, holding cabinet trolleys, chafing dish for serving food are a few of this type of equipment.

8) Bakery Equipment:
One of the most satisfying forms of cooking is perhaps baking and having the top class bakery equipment for a large scale baking not just ensures taste and quality but a greater purpose of happiness. A planetary or stand mixer, spiral mixer, dough divider, dough sheeter, proofer, tempering machine, chocolate fountain, pizza oven, rotary type oven, tray rack trolley and more become the essentials of your baking routine.

9) Bar Equipment:
Glass door bottle coolers from brands like Williams, Mastro, Infrico, IMC, wine chiller, keg chiller, custom bar counter in stainless steel, cocktail stations with ice chests, blender station with platform and sink, bar blender, minibar, drawer minibar and more are the essential bar equipment for a brewery or to serve drinks. Control the temperature as desired with the specialized bar equipment well suited for the type of drinks to be stored.

10) Customized Industrial Grade Stainless Steel Kitchen Equipment:
High quality cooking worktops or workstations will help with performing all types of preparations and cooking as per your restaurant space. Get accurate dimensions as per your industrial kitchen made in high grade stainless steel with a backsplash. Choose from a variety of undershelves, sinks, cabinetry, floor gratings and hoods made to order. Enquire now.

11) Juice and Coffee Shop Equipment:
Choose from a wide variety of electrical appliances for a juice and coffee shop such as juice extractors, citrus juicer, juice blender, orange juice machine, single and double spindle drink mixer, ice cream machine, whipping cream machine, slush machine, juice dispenser, coffee machine, coffee grinder, panini grill, waffle machine, crepe machine, toaster, shawarma machine, table top fryer, conveyor type toaster and water boilers.

Final Thoughts:
Cooking, preparation, storage, dishwashing, bakery, bar, servery and display, juice and coffee shop, cold rooms and custom equipment serve the purpose of large scale food business with longer life spans. Opt for the top quality equipment from world class brands recommended by the top chefs in the world. Get in touch with Bahrain Gas for full consultation on setting up your industrial grade kitchen with modern and luxury kitchen equipment and appliances ready to help your business expansion goals in Bahrain. Connect now!