Kenwood, a trusted name in the electronic industry is part of almost every kitchen in Bahrain. Whether you are a professional chef or a home cook, Kenwood kitchen appliances make cooking pleasurable and enjoyable.

Today’s fast-paced world calls for smart hacks and time-saving devices. Especially in the kitchen where chefs and home cooks spend most of their time.

Whipping up a great meal is not an easy task. Minute details like the consistency of the gravy or the temperature of the baked dish can affect the taste of the entire dish. Therefore, it is advisable to invest in the best brand of kitchen tools and appliances that can guarantee a scrumptious meal.

Kitchen gadgets have become an integral part of our cooking. The more gadgets we invest in, the faster we can whip up a quick and tasty meal. Kenwood has a range of kitchen devices that make life simpler.

Bahrain Gas offers a wide range of Kenwood Kitchen Appliances for all your kitchen needs.

Kenwood Smoothie Makers

Whip up the best smoothies in town with an original Kenwood smoothie maker. A concoction of blended fruits with ice cream or yogurt can give you a palatable surprise with every sip.

For a healthy smoothie or an indulgent one, let your smoothie maker take all the effort. Smoothie makers by Kenwood are one of the most well-known brands in the market.

Kenwood Juicers and Mixers

Are you a ‘mocktail’ preparation expert? Use the juicer from Kenwood and try your hand at mastering the art. Experience the Kenwood Juicer and mixer for the best juices. Whether it’s fruit juice or vegetable juice, the Kenwood juicers can churn the pulp to extract the last drop of juice without much wastage, thereby giving you more quantity while saving costs.

Kenwood Kitchen Kettles

Another important kitchen gadget is the timeless and forever-useful kettle. Kettles are quick water heaters appropriate for coffee and tea and cooking recipes that require boiling water. The Kenwood Kettle is one of the most preferred kitchen gadgets due to its fast-heating capacity and low power usage.

Kenwood Microwaves and Ovens

Looking to buy the best microwave to enhance the convenience in your kitchen? Microwaves by Kenwood are one of the most preferred accessories to have in your cooking area.

Apart from heating pre-cooked food, microwaves are commonly used to bake and cook vegetables. Whether you want parboiled vegetables or pasta, cooked rice or even baked cakes, Kenwood microwaves are a smart choice for smart people.

With several auto-cooking features, convenient control panels and maximum efficiency, Kenwood microwaves are the best choice.

Kenwood Toasters

Typically used to brown bread, toasters are a wonderful addition to your functional kitchen. Breakfasts have never been the same with the superior Kenwood toasters. Crispy, crunchy hot and fresh toasts are delectable and inviting. Eating a plain toast or assembling a fresh bruschetta, this toaster can create wonders on your plate. Adjustable temperature control, pop-up toasties and minimum power consumption are just some of the sublime features of the toasters from Kenwood.


Originally established as a gas-distributing agency in 1962, Bahrain Gas Company ventured into the kitchen equipment industry, creating a niche for itself in a short span. With a wide range of kitchen equipment and top brands, Bahrain Gas Company stands as one of the most preferred choices for customers in Bahrain. Home to top brands including Kenwood kitchen appliances, Bahrain Gas Company is a name to reckon with.

Delve into the realm of versatility as your cooker showcases its prowess in steaming, sautéing, and even slow cooking, expanding the horizons of your culinary creations with the Pasta cooker and Kenwood Rice Cooker in Bahrain.

Pasta cooker

The Pasta Cooker is a versatile kitchen appliance that elevates your cooking experience. This cooker ensures exceptional performance and reliability. Quality innovation and efficiency combine to turn this into grandeur. At its core, the Past Cooker boasts high-efficiency burners that produce impressive cooking results. Whether using natural gas or LPG, these burners provide uniform heat distribution. It thus allows you to create culinary masterpieces easily. It has proven its ability to maintain constant starch removal, which ensures dishes achieve the desired textures and flavors.

Pasta cooker is made from 316-L type stainless steel for 99 % against corrosion, which promises longevity. Thanks to the control panel equipped with a gas cock and piezo ignition for Easy to use technology. Besides that, you have variants to match your culinary aspirations. It fits seamlessly into your kitchen layout, and convenience boasts durable construction and multiple options. Bahrain Gas introduces a range of branded pasta cookers in the Bahrain market, featuring ZANUSSI, ELECTROLUX, MASTRO, MKN, VESTEL and BERJAYA.

Rice Cooker

The rice cooker has a sleek white eye-appealing design and is a functional addition to your kitchen, boasting the 0.6-liter capacity bowl. Want to show off your cooking skills even though you are a beginner? This rice cooker comes additional tray for warming up for steaming vegetables to delight you in your culinary endeavors. The nonstick removable bowl ensures easy cleaning after each use, while the package includes a spatula, measuring cup, and a glass lid for your convenience. It adds sophistication in every way- through its hassle-free nonstick corrosion features. It is worth the investment as finding a 2-in-one rice cooker with a one-year warranty and 15-day return is rare. Each appliance is tested to deliver you the most durable device! Bahrain Gas provides the finest Kenwood Rice Cooker selection for our valued customers.

These two intelligent cooking appliances are available on Bahrain Gas. In the Kingdom of Bahrain, we proudly stand as the leading distributor of safe gas, setting the benchmark with a fleet size surpassing that of our competitors by more than double. Our unwavering commitment to reliability is evident in our proven track record of consistently achieving higher rates of on-time deliveries than any other company in Bahrain. As the forefront trailblazers in safe gas distribution, we spearhead Bahrain’s swift and efficient supply of safe gas cylinders to households, restaurants, and commercial establishments.

Stepping into the realm of modern household appliances, we boast a diverse range featuring 50 international brands and over 1000 products. Our offerings go beyond the transaction, as we provide intelligent buy options and comprehensive advisory services throughout the entire product lifecycle, supported by a dedicated post-sales support team.

With over half a century of experience in the industry, we are experts in catering and food service equipment, having completed 500+ projects. Our solutions cater to various sectors, including food service, laundry, and beverage, offering tailored equipment and expertise to meet diverse operational needs. Moreover, we take pride in our premier distribution of cooking equipment, serving as the prime distributor for top-notch laundry solutions. With proficiency across all types of cooking requirements, we bring efficiency and effectiveness to this essential aspect of various industries. To know more, you can visit our website!

Let’s talk about the most underrated kitchen appliance: Your Electric toaster! This indispensable kitchen appliance saves you time and makes you appear to have it all together. Discovering which ones locals prefer will give your insight into their culture and tastes – Purchasing a toaster in Bahrain is truly special! Let’s toast to this kitchen adventure, shall we?

Unlimited benefits

The 4 or 6-slot toaster
A hot, toasted slice of bread is the perfect way to start your morning. With a 4- or 6-slot toaster, you can enjoy that delicious and satisfying experience at home! This handy kitchen appliance has so much to offer – modern design, premium materials, multiple settings, defrosting, a warming rack, and more. Plus, it comes in an array of colors for you to choose from, so there’s something that will match any décor. Enjoy perfectly browned toast every time with this sophisticated yet easy-to-use toaster. You’ll never have to worry about burnt slices again! And who doesn’t love the convenience of a crumb tray that makes clean-up easier than ever? Get your own 4- or 6-slot toaster today and wake up to toast perfection every morning!

The perfect morning starter
Tired of eating cold, unappetizing toast every morning? A toaster is a perfect solution for all your breakfast needs. Not only will you be able to enjoy perfectly browned slices each time but you’ll also get the satisfaction of selecting from a variety of colors that are designed to fit any décor. The multiple settings allow you to defrost and warm up other items. With its easy-to-clean crumb tray, clean-up is a breeze. Get yourself a toaster today and start your day off right with freshly toasted perfection.

The cooking hacker
These hacks include asparagus, chicken nuggets, French fries, chips in a bowl, and burger patty. A toaster cooks asparagus faster and healthier than a frying pan. A toaster bag or aluminum foil makes chicken nuggets in minutes. A burger patty can be made using a 2-slice toaster and includes patty ingredients such as meat, vegetables, or egg, and may also include a butter burn.
Toasters are great for grilling cheese, making tortillas, and reheating pizza. It makes sweet potato toast, bacon fries, and taco shells. Cheese toast requires butter bread, cheese, and a toaster bag. Corn, flour, and tortilla flour make tortillas. Bacon fries in foil or a toaster bag brushed with oil and toasted.

The unique combination maker
Reheating pizza is a frightening task, but it can be done with a 2-slice or 4-slice toaster. Toaster Hacks include making waffles with frozen waffles, pancakes with raspberries, ham ‘n’ Cheese Toasties Combo, and a toaster bag to prevent the butter from dripping inside. When using and experimenting with the toaster, always prioritize safety and remember that the numbers on the timer do not mean the timer.

Why should you invest in buying a toaster from Bahrain Gas?
● Extra wide slots
● Electronic browning controls
● Self-centering bread racks
● Removal crumb tray
● NSF certified
● Most premium Toaster in Bahrain
● Wide range of electric Toasters from Kenwood brand
● Smart buy options and complete product lifecycle
● Advisory and post-sales support, catering/food service equipment.

Discover these easy toaster hack meals and make the most out of your toaster. Toasters may have different heat settings, so adjust the heat accordingly. Toasters are one of the most versatile kitchen appliances, but please use your better judgment when putting food into them. Invest in Bahrain Gas toasters today!