Are you looking to enhance the storage space in your kitchen? Then now is the time to look at what Bahrain Gas has to offer. Find the best kitchen storage equipment like stainless steel shelving or dunnage racks and enhance the look and storage space in your kitchen.

How to choose the best kitchen storage equipment for your needs:

Identify your space constraints

First, it is important to identify the space you have in your kitchen. You do not want to end up with a rack that doesn’t fit your kitchen space. Keeping your kitchen aesthetics in mind, choose racks and shelves that are the right size and at the same time serve the purpose.

That is why it is always better to measure the space you have before ordering or buying stainless steel shelving for your kitchen.

Determine the application

Another important tip for choosing the right shelves for your kitchen is to determine the purpose of installing the racks. Do you need the dunnage racks to store small kitchen appliances or do you need polyethylene shelves to store pulses and grains?

Open or closed shelves?

Next, you must decide if you want open or closed racks.

Open storage racks are convenient for storing items that you need quick and daily access to. It may be something that you need handy or that you require often.

On the other hand, closed shelves have doors and can be used to store items that you do not need frequent access to. Also, you can select closed racks for items that are not very visually appealing like washing soaps and detergent bottles.

So, depending on the contents and convenience, you can choose open or closed stainless steel shelving. Bahrain Gas has open and closed racks and shelves to suit your requirements.

Material of storage racks

Choosing the material for the storage rack is crucial. Many factors determine the material of the racks you intend to purchase. For example, you can use stainless steel shelves to store heavy items while polyethylene shelving can store lighter items in the kitchen.

Bahrain Gas offers a range of kitchen storage equipment in various materials.

Stainless steel: stainless steel kitchen shelving from Bahrain Gas is corrosion-free and rustless. Also, these shelves are strong and can withstand heavy weight.

Polythelene shelving: Polythelene is a commonly produced plastic. Bahrain Gas has high-quality polyethylene racks.

Chrome-plated shelving: chrome is used to plate other metals to increase the life span of the metal. Bahrain Gas has aesthetic Chrome-plated shelves to match your kitchen interiors.

Dunnage racks: You can also invest in dunnage racks that are used to elevate material from direct floor contact. You can use Dunnage racks in kitchens or balcony gardens to lift potted plants from the floor.


Bahrain Gas is an A-Z household equipment requirements company. With a wide range of shelves and racks, you can model your kitchen the right way. Our stainless steel and chrome-plated shelves are sturdy and long-lasting. Apart from kitchen utility, our shelves are convenient for office spaces and commercial use.

At Bahrain Gas, we believe in offering the best quality of products and services to our customers. We have innovative, attractive and convenient designs in kitchen storage equipment in Bahrain.
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