While choosing a refrigerator for your home, you must first consider the size of your space. If you have a constrained space then opting for a single door refrigerator will be the best option.

However, before you invest in the single door freezer, it is better to seek more information on this type of fridge so that you know your money is being invested in the right place.

So, let’s discuss everything you need to know about this type of refrigerator.

What is a single door refrigerator?

As is very evident from the name, these refrigerators have a single door, unlike double or triple door refrigerators.

There may be an inner compartment that acts like a freezer, but sometimes this compartment may be absent from a single door fridge.

When should you invest in a one door fridge?

Among the refrigerators for sale in Bahrain, you should select a single door one if you have a small or restricted kitchen space or if your food storage needs are not very large.

Advantages of single door refrigerators

Compact Size

Single door freezers are small and compact making it a perfect fit in any restricted space. Opt for this kind of fridge if you have limited space in your kitchen. Due to its compact size, this kind of fridge covers very little floor space and can fit in small corners.


These types of refrigerators are not tall. Many of these fridges are designed as single door under counter refrigerators. You can save space around your kitchen by placing these refrigerators underneath a counter or table.

As these one door freezers are small, you can easily place items on top of these appliances, using them like a tabletop. Unlike tall refrigerators which are too high to place items on.

Energy efficient

One-door fridges do not consume a lot of electricity, making them energy efficient and thereby, environmentally friendly.


Single door fridges are comparatively less expensive than double door fridges. Therefore, these fridges become an economical investment for users on a tight budget.

Frost Free

The latest models of single door freezers are frost-free. Unlike older models where defrosting had to be done manually.

Smart storage facilities

The best single door refrigerators for sale in Bahrain come with smart storage options. Users can neatly arrange their items on well-organized racks in these refrigerators.

Types of single door fridge

Many types of fridges come with only one door. Ranging from single door under counter refrigerators to mini fridges, these fridges are characterized by a single door as compared to two doors in a double door refrigerator.

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