While choosing a refrigerator for your home, you must first consider the size of your space. If you have a constrained space then opting for a single door refrigerator will be the best option.

However, before you invest in the single door freezer, it is better to seek more information on this type of fridge so that you know your money is being invested in the right place.

So, let’s discuss everything you need to know about this type of refrigerator.

What is a single door refrigerator?

As is very evident from the name, these refrigerators have a single door, unlike double or triple door refrigerators.

There may be an inner compartment that acts like a freezer, but sometimes this compartment may be absent from a single door fridge.

When should you invest in a one door fridge?

Among the refrigerators for sale in Bahrain, you should select a single door one if you have a small or restricted kitchen space or if your food storage needs are not very large.

Advantages of single door refrigerators

Compact Size

Single door freezers are small and compact making it a perfect fit in any restricted space. Opt for this kind of fridge if you have limited space in your kitchen. Due to its compact size, this kind of fridge covers very little floor space and can fit in small corners.


These types of refrigerators are not tall. Many of these fridges are designed as single door under counter refrigerators. You can save space around your kitchen by placing these refrigerators underneath a counter or table.

As these one door freezers are small, you can easily place items on top of these appliances, using them like a tabletop. Unlike tall refrigerators which are too high to place items on.

Energy efficient

One-door fridges do not consume a lot of electricity, making them energy efficient and thereby, environmentally friendly.


Single door fridges are comparatively less expensive than double door fridges. Therefore, these fridges become an economical investment for users on a tight budget.

Frost Free

The latest models of single door freezers are frost-free. Unlike older models where defrosting had to be done manually.

Smart storage facilities

The best single door refrigerators for sale in Bahrain come with smart storage options. Users can neatly arrange their items on well-organized racks in these refrigerators.

Types of single door fridge

Many types of fridges come with only one door. Ranging from single door under counter refrigerators to mini fridges, these fridges are characterized by a single door as compared to two doors in a double door refrigerator.

Bahrain Gas has a wide selection of one door freezers including the AEG single door refrigerator with no frost and soft touch closing mechanism.


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The harsh Bahrain summer is fast approaching and it’s time to think of the best ways to remain cool. What could be better than an icy cold milkshake or a scoop of your favorite ice cream to beat the summer woes? The perfect temperature for your favorite cold dessert is possible only with the right type of refrigeration. Browse through to find out more about the types of refrigerators for sale.

Types of Refrigerators for Sale in Bahrain

Single Door Freezer

As the name suggests, single door freezers are operated with a single door. These refrigerators are compact and fit ideally in smaller configurations and constrained spaces. Bachelors and small families find this refrigerator convenient. The size of the refrigerator is smaller than a double door refrigerator.

The energy consumed by single door freezers is much less when compared to double door refrigerators. Therefore, it is safe to say that these refrigerators are pocket-friendly and affordable.

Although many single door freezers are not frost-free, latest technology has made ‘no-frost’ possible. This allows you to avoid manually cleaning the ice whenever it forms. The new models of these freezers are all frost free and convenient.

If your food storage needs are not very high, a single door freezer may be the best choice for you.

Double Door Refrigerators

When it comes to choosing refrigerators on sale, you might want to ascertain the space in hand. Double door refrigerators are larger than single door refrigerators and have a bigger capacity. They are designed with two doors that open separately when operated. These refrigerators have more number of shelves and can store more than smaller refrigerators. Energy consumption of double door refrigerators is higher than single door freezers. The size and capacity of these refrigerators have a direct impact on energy consumption.

Amongst the double door refrigerators, you will come across two types.

• Top mounted freezer compartment
• Bottom mounted freezer compartment

The difference between the two lies more with your preference. Do you have less use for the freezer? Do you have back problems that may affect you every time you bend to open the freezer? These are some pointers to ponder when you consider investing in a top or bottom mounted freezer compartment.

The Liebherr freezer is one of the top brands of freezers that offer a range of advantages to its consumers. This brand of freezers comes in various styles and designs, offering customers multiple options. The Liebherr freezer brand is sleek and durable and is one of the most preferred choices. These freezers offer high storage capacity with sturdy and easy to clean shelves and compartments.


Today, refrigerators have become more of a necessity than a luxury. Therefore, it is important to choose the right refrigerator on sale before you invest in it. Bahrain Gas is regarded as one of the best dealers in refrigerators and other kitchen equipment in Bahrain. The company offers its customers a wide range of choices like Liebherr freezers and other brands of refrigerators. With consumer satisfaction as one of its top priorities, Bahrain Gas has remained the preferred choice amongst consumers.

Food preparation in most commercial spaces does not happen only on demand. It requires the storage of raw materials and even pre-cooked ingredients to serve fresh and timely. However, owing to the different configurations of freezers available it could be tricky to make the best buy. A chest freezer has its own set of advantages over a single-door upright blast freezer. Here’s a mini-guide to understand the basic points of difference to make the right decision.

1. The Built: If we were to understand the basic build of these freezers, a chest freezer is a horizontal freezer with depth to store food. They require more floor space to place it and the door needs to be uplifted. While a single-door upright blast freezer is a vertical unit that uses blower fans to ensure rapid cooling. It has a front door.

2. Basic usage: While a single-door upright blast freezer offers convenience to pick your food item, it is great for storing food items that have labels on them. While a chest freezer is great to store numerous food items that are for lesser time to store. So it can be trickier to organize or sort your food item. Since a blast freezer uses technology to cool rapidly, it prevents the rotting of food items and contamination. The chest freezer is however best for storing numerous similar units for comparatively shorter periods.

3. Specifications: A chest freezer is less costly and noisy in comparison to a blast freezer. In terms of average lifespan both last up to 14 years in a secluded space. Since using and sorting from a single-door upright blast freezer is easier it also lets the user open the door for a long time and pick more than one item. This particular habit leads to more energy and hence more electricity bill.

4. Energy efficiency: Every heating or cooling technology is judged in terms of its energy efficiency. Although firms try their best to achieve the right balance between energy efficiency and applications, it can get better or worse depending upon areas of application. Deep chest freezers are comparatively more energy efficient than blast freezers. Their energy consumption is 10-25% less than a blast freezer. The sidewall insulation of these helps them maintain the temperatures and consume less electricity.

5. Benefits: The chest freezers are conveniently large and can be helpful to store irregularly shaped food packages. They can uniquely work in case of a power outage for up to 3 days. This is not the case in terms of a single-door upright blast freezer. The blast freezer is a great freezer to rapidly cool food items and works well in case of quickly placing warm to hot food items. It can help you spot your food items quickly owing to organized shelves.

Buying any system for your commercial setup requires a mini-finance audit. It is wise to research a bit before investing in a useful product to add value to your business. However Bahrain Gas is an experienced player in providing different cooling systems also. We ensure the right product reaches you as per your requirement and specifications. Visit us or schedule a call with our consultants, today!

In any modern-day household, a refrigerator is a primary piece of equipment that is a must. It keeps food fresh for a long time whether it is fruits and vegetables or packaged food. Although a double-door refrigerator is quite popular, single door refrigerators have their own set of advantages as well. How do make the right choice and which makes sense for your requirements? With years of experience in dealing with home appliances, we at Bahrain Gas have just the right information and tips.

Here’s a quick guide for you to know.

1. Basic requirement: You won’t expend on a fancy refrigerator for your guest house or getaway home. Similarly, you won’t own a mini one to cover your basic necessities. Understand the family size and basic requirements. A family of 2-3 members should look for energy-efficient single door refrigerators. While a big family should undoubtedly look for frost free double door refrigerators.

2. Pricing: A single door refrigerator is less costly than a double-door refrigerator. Owing to cooling technology, power consumption, and space, the pricing of a double door refrigerator is costly. The energy consumption and pricing are costlier than a single one.

3. Space: Single door refrigerators require less space and can conveniently fit in your kitchen itself. Double door refrigerators are spacious offering more space to store your food. They have designated cabins to store your food items covering most facets of a modern lifestyle.

4. Temperature: Owing to single door freezer and non-freezer a single door refrigerator is likely to have more temperature. Similarly, the double door refrigerator will have a convenient temperature in both sections offering better cooling.

5. Energy consumption: Double door ones are usually large and add an element of grandeur to your kitchen. They also rise high in terms of energy consumption. They consume over 30-40% more power than single door refrigerators. So you need to consider the electricity bill as a factor as well.

6. Cooling: Undoubtedly modern-day double-door freezers offer superior cooling. Brands like Liebherr manufacture their refrigeration equipment keeping in mind customer requirements. Liebherr freezers offer better cooling than any single-door refrigerator.

7. Separate doors: With a single-door refrigerator, you are more likely to open it multiple times more than with a double-door. The separate doors aid in better cooling and even keeping your food items, especially the frozen ones in a good condition for a long time.

Every modern-day piece of equipment offers a lot of choices and points to compare. Being a technical product and one that will last for an average of 10+ years, you are in a position to make the best choice only. However, the usage, time period, and repair can also lead to a dying refrigerator. It is a condition that is hard to imagine for any household. One must look for these symptoms to check the repair personnel.

1. If food is rotting quickly.
2. If the refrigerator is making no or too much noise.
3. If the frosting is not happening rightly.
4. If you spot your refrigeration leaking or sweating.
5. If your refrigerator is stinking.

Knowing the basics can always help you make better decisions. It is crucial to understand and forecast your requirements as well. Choose high-quality home appliances from Bahrain Gas. Consult our experts, today!

A single door refrigerator can last longer than a double door refrigerator if it is taken care of and kept in good condition. When buying a refrigerator for their home, buyers need to think about things like where to find the best refrigerator sales in Bahrain. This part will discuss the best home refrigerators, the guidelines to follow, and critical reviews.

  • Before anything else, you need to determine what kind of refrigerator you require. The cooling system, compressor, and technology will be the key determinants.
  • Next, identify the features you need the most and those you can go without. This will assist you in narrowing down your selection of choices.
  • Other significant considerations when purchasing a refrigerator are the refrigerator’s size and storage capacity. When evaluating the size, the refrigerator’s dimensions are also crucial.
  • The purchaser must also determine whether a Smart fridge is necessary or a regular fridge would be enough.
  • For persons who are very concerned about appearance and design, the refrigerator’s color, design, and polishing are crucial. The color and appearance of the fridge are essential because it is now more than just a functional appliance in the kitchen.
  • Before purchasing a brand’s product, take into account its warranty. The warranty can be used to repair and fix flaws without extra money.
  • Your decision to purchase the most excellent refrigerator will be influenced by the budget that you set for it. These days, you can readily find the newest models from the top brands at fair costs.

How to Select Your Single-Door Refrigerator Size?
A buyer’s choice depends on the size of their family, how much space they have in their home, and how big of a refrigerator they need. Using the table below, you may pick the ideal refrigerator size for your house.

No. of Members Type Capacity
1 Single door 50 – 250 lt
2-3 Single/double 250 – 500 lt
4-5 Double/triple 500 – 700 lt
6+ Side by side door 550 – 750+ lt

What Is The Star Rating In The Fridge?
The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) in Bahrain uses star ratings to rank the power usage of an electronic gadget or item. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency bestows star ratings on appliances to indicate how much power they use. On a scale from 1 to 5, 1 means that the device uses the most power, and 5 means that it uses the least amount of power.

When buying a refrigerator in Bahrain, the energy rating is one of the most important things to think about. It is less hazardous to the environment and helps you save money on electricity bills by getting an energy-efficient refrigerator.

We hope that this buying guide for the best refrigerator sales in Bahrain has helped you learn a lot about refrigerators and helped you figure out what you’ll need in a fridge for your home. Visit our website and find the season’s best-selling refrigerator in Bahrain available at Bahrain Gas. Contact us today!